Re: Doepfer modular

From rmiller
Sent Thu, Sep 24th 2020, 10:12

>Subject: Re: Doepfer modular
>>The Doepfer modular Sounds like the"YUGO" of the 
>>synthesizer world!
>Seriously I have been considering the Doepfer stuff just because I
>might be able to afford it.  I wonder if Serge has thought about putting out
>a budget model for us po'folk?  It seems that if Dopfer can make them for
>that cheep Serge could do the same...  of course they would be of lesser
>quality but some Serge is better than no Serge : )  I think that people who
>have the money would still want the "real" Serge stuff still...  come on
>evryone else does it...  come on just this once... if you don't like it you
>don't have to do it anymore : )
>Ahhh one day...  Ill have my revenge... Im gonna make lots of money and buy
>all the modular stuff inthe whole world...  yea then youll be sorry... youll
>see! boooo hooooo hooo I|; ]

:)  No no no no no.  :)
Serge producing a line of Volks-Serges or Ladas?  No no no no.  :)  If Serge 
were to put out a lower cost line, it wouldn't go over.  The money for R&D 
to get the new line going would have to come from R&D for the good line, 
which would cause problems there, as well as putting out an inferior line, 
on top of god knows what other problems, such as people confusing the lesser 
quality product with the good product and then developing a bad taste for 
all things Serge, when the lesser product fails.

Look at IBM with their 'budget' line of computers, that were recently rated 
amoung the WORST in quality; service and value in a PC World magazine, as 
one example.

:)  I like Serge the way they are.  They're the Cadillac of the modular 
world, and IMHO, I think they should stay that way.  Sure it'll take me 
longer to own a Serge, but I will .... some day.  :)

And then _I_ vill rule zee vorld!  Bahhh haaa haaaa!  Not only will I have 
Bernie, but I will have a Serge tooooooooo!!!!  Bahhhhhhhh hahahahahaha.  :)


Wha?  Time to get up for work?  Ahhhhhh shiiiii....

"Fade to scenes of violence, like a TV screen but silent,
where the victims are all paid by the hour."
- Gary Numan