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From Kelley Hackett
Sent Fri, May 7th 1999, 20:05

Big up Thad, and sorry people but I am trying now to stay out of
it----for my purpose of sending him the message was to get communication
out of him for others---yeah what a method, but it worked.  

Ladies and gentlemen of the IDM & Ambient arena, I give U, Bill----ha ha
ha ha speak Bill or shall I say type----Ok here I go-----------I am
having fun.

But for the record, I am a sticker on INTEGRITY!  I sent that message to
for Pedro(and they didnt ask me to) and a couple of others just so that
he would respond and get their CDs that he promised them!

When I read that message I was infuriated!  I thought, what if it was my
20, 40, or $60 dollar order he was playing around with(folks, no lie, I
would have taken a trip 2 C him).  But my money was not involved!  So
some may ask why is he so adamant on this issue!  My live is worth
giving up for that principle---INTEGRITY!

My father, and grandfather stressed, or beat into me that a man is only
as good as his word---and no one has anything in the world save his/her
word!  Thus, I die by it-----and I would not kill anyone for such
pettyness---but breaking his arm or leg is a different story(or getting
mine broke)!  My bad, but I just want many of U to know that I am a
straight up cat(and those whom I have traded with know that I try to
give everyone something more or equal to what they give me!


np: Sun Electric--Castor & Pollux!

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> << Finally a # of us on these lists banded together privately and
>  *one person sent Bill a very threatening letter.*
>  Yeah, it was an interesting email letter from Helley Kacket. >>
> sigh. oooooooooh mr bill. you know as well as many of us do that
> Kelly's 
> letter was not the *only* letter sent to your "punk ass", as Kelly so 
> enthusiastically calls you.
> and for you to hide your actions (or rather pompous lack of), your 
> manipulations, and your blantant lies behind the meant to distract
> criticisms 
> of Kelly's admitedly extreme but well meant rhetoric is just another
> example 
> of why not to trade with you.
> its a shame to you that the only time you finally do post publicly
> regarding 
> your trading practices, it is only to further manipulate the
> situation, and 
> sidestep any true accounting or *read* APOLOGY for your actions to
> many many 
> people on the lists.
> heres a clue-  if you are *so concerned* about the content of the
> mailing 
> lists, then how about trying to trade responsiblly and follow through
> with 
> your own comitments to others???!!!  Then all the crap that YOU force
> people 
> to have to post public about you (as you wont truly answer them
> privately), 
> well such warnings would not need to exist, would they?  But of course
> you 
> already know that. You are just dicking us all over as usual with your
> all to 
> rare yet choice public comment.
> whatever.
> obviously, my advice to everyone on the lists remains the same: do not
> trade 
> with this sly slacker, or risk bullshit galore.
> -Thad