RE: [AH] Does anything off ebay ever work properly?

From A.C. Generator
Sent Thu, Apr 3rd 2008, 23:58

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I've had really good luck, but I only buy from folks whom have sold other e=
quipment before.  Then again i buy newer analog/VA stuff.  Several Doepfer =
modules all in good condition, Nord Lead2, Jomox Airbase, waldofr q-rack, a=
 emu (d*G*T*L) rompler --- all on ebay all were pristine.
I also got a great 777 on here.
Worse I got was one loose (not even broken) knob on a Quasimidi 309.
I think it also comes down to carefully screening sellers.

> From:> To:> Date: Thu, 3 =
Apr 2008 21:57:04 +0100> Subject: [AH] Does anything off ebay ever work pro=
perly?> > Nothing I buy off ebay ever works it just me?> > In =
the last 5 years:> > All these were listed as 100% fully working and or ser=
viced etc.> > Roland TB-303: dead, intermittent buttons. All had to be repl=
aced.> Arp Quadra: totally dead then: all out of tune, broken Load switch: =
Bad CPU 8243 port expander, full calibration, new switch.> Roland RS-505: S=
trange cyclic clicking noise, noisy crackly sliders: Bad transitor in ensem=
ble circuit, new set of sliders.> Roland VP-330: Vocoder dead, Strings and =
Human Voice sounds distorting badly: Bad TL082 in Vocoder circuit.> Roland =
TR-909: All pots noisy intermittent, 1 inch thick with nicotine, tops of kn=
obs covered in old superglue: Replace, clean.> Roland TR-808: All pots and =
buttons noisy, intermittent, dead internal batteries,7 case screws missing.=
.was about to fall apart! Replace.> Roland SPV-335: Pitch to Voltage sectio=
n dead: Bad op-amp in the PV section.> > Lucky I can repair stuff myself ot=
herwise I would have been severely out of pocket by now! So be carefull out=
 there on that evil ebay!!> > There's been more I just can't remember right=
Pack up or back up=96use SkyDrive to transfer files or keep extra copies. L=
earn how.