Re: [AH] software/hardware CV/midi analogue sequencer advice sought

From David Bate
Sent Tue, Jan 4th 2005, 19:46

  I'm not a big music software user myself.  In the process of building
a P3 which is THE WAY to go , for my uses, but if you are looking for a
software/computer method, you might look into these:

For Mac OS X:  Numerology

For Windows:

Bank Step:

Soft Step:

Hope these help.


> Hello All
> I think this is on-topic, but please flame and forgive if I'm wrong ...
> I have had many useful answers to my earlier sequencer poser ( 31/12/04,
> Q:
> how to achieve this effect ... ?) and I thank you for those responses.  I
> have been looking at the P3 hardware sequencer, the Milton and the PSIM.
> What I want to find is a software program (that runs on a windows PC
> ideally), which works like this:
> 1) Allows you to program notes or note ranges into the pattern sequencer
> software along with gate on/off info
> 2) reads a MIDI control surface (set of knobs or sliders such as the
> Evolution UC33 or Doepfer pocket bank etc)
> 3) outputs MIDI data to a midi-to-cv convertor
> In this way, I would be able to use my control surface as the "analogue"
> input to the program and use the output on my MIDI synthesizer as well as
> my
> Korg MS synths. That would help keep costs down and make best use of what
> I
> already have.
> Quantisation etc. would be dealt with in the software.
> I have some limited experience with softsynths but I don't know enough
> about
> them to understand my own question!  Can anyone here with more knowledge
> (and that *is* anyone ) tell me if I'm barking up the wrong tree, or is
> there software to suit my goal?
> cheers
> RMC, England