RE: (amb) Musical Relationship

From Kelley Hackett
Sent Fri, May 28th 1999, 14:01

Your Comments, ohhhhhh Fucking Brother(ooooppps) yeah man I feel U!  I
feel U!

Indeed, and this is not what i was exactly gettting at, but it raises a
subsidary point(i.e. the many ways in which it is used)..............
Yes, H20mice(ha ha no disrespect just being silly) U R correct, many
times if not to be distracted or preoccupied, than to draw

Ambient music is unique in that fashion, it can relax u, and we just
love performing Tai-Chi to it!  Indeed, Ambient music(and others), but
quite ambient allows one to concentrate on what one wants to concentrate
on(whether its studying for a test, reading, painting, cleaning, or just
contemplation it self)............

Hella comment! Hella........


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> I would have to say that the only sonic phenomenon more profound than
> music
> is silence.
> Music is all too often used to busy the mind, to occupy us while we
> interact with our daily activities.  As a result we loose focus.  How
> many
> of us find ourselves driving down the road, radio blaring, eating
> lunch?
> Well, which act are we focused on?   We lose the music (as well as the
> other activities) in such a scenario.
> This is one reason why Ambient music has become such a profound
> influence
> in my life.  I find that Ambient music/sounds tends to push my mind
> toward
> introspection rather than preoccupation.  It helps me to focus more
> than
> "traditional music" which, conversely, demands to be listened
> to/focused on
> to be truly appreciated.  When my mind peaks on Ambience, the next
> progression is silence.  The next track on the spiritual soundtrack is
> stillness.
> Anyway, thanks for the profound question.  This type of discussion
> always
> helps me to contemplate my perspective, and acquire a deeper
> appreciation
> for music and life.
> Kelley Hackett wrote:
> >  I  was pondering "what cant be related to music"?
> > Many times music, as one has said, is used similar to a drug, it
> lifts
> > ya up(I am always lifted mind you)--makes ya happy, excited and
> > energetic.  These positive effects reverberate thru much of what we
> do
> > in one day, here is my question................
> >
> > Would it or would it not be possible to attribute Music, or its
> positive
> > effects to (let us say 80%) of daily events?  What do ya cats think
> > about this...............
> >
> > Hk!